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If it is the first tour with a quad in Cyprus, you will notice that a quad rides quite differently than most two-, three- and four-wheelers. Before you go straight into the terrain and try out wild jumps, you should first get to know your quad better. So that you do not experience a rude awakening even as a novice driver, you should study the following hints and tips carefully.

Safely on the road with a quad bike

You think there is not much to consider with a quad? You will be surprised, because there are quite a few points that you should definitely have in mind. This is the only way to avoid unpleasant accidents. 

A quad can be equipped with different tires. There are sand tires, mixed tires, off-road tires and all-rounders. Just ask your rental company what tires your quad has. Because depending on the surface, the tires behave differently. 

Since a quad has four wheels and two axles, it pushes in the curves, like a car, slightly outward. The faster you take the curves with the quad, the more it pushes outward. Just conserve your strength and lean your body against the centrifugal force into the curve. At the same time, use your outer hand to push the handlebars in the desired direction of travel.

person driving into the sunset with a quad bike

With the thumb throttle lever, which is located on the bottom of the handlebars on most quads, you bring your quad up to speed. As soon as you release the thumb throttle, the quad usually comes to a sudden stop. So it can also not happen to you that you accidentally accelerate when you hold on to the handlebars. This is especially helpful on inclines or in curves.

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If you are driving on the road, remember that Cyprus drives on the left. If you are unsure, you should practice on side roads first and get comfortable with the quad. The law states that you must also turn on your headlights during the day and wear a helmet when driving. Safety and fun driving should be equally important to you, even and especially on vacation.

What license do you need to drive a quad bike in Cyprus?

To rent a quad, you need a valid driver's license. You need an international driver's license if you want to participate in public road traffic. You should, if you rent a quad, always have this driver's license with you. Quad driving without a license will result in a hefty fine.

What are the costs if you want to rent a quad in Cyprus?

What could be better than to explore the surrounding area with a quad? For a 50cc quad, depending on the rental company and city, you will pay around 40 euros in the low season and between 45 and 50 euros in the high season. If you are planning an off-road tour, you should opt for a powerful quad. Here you have the choice between a 200cc and a 300cc quad. As a rule, the rent for a 200cc quad is 50 euros per day and for a 300cc quad about 65 euros per day.

Explore Paphos and surroundings on a quad bike

Explore Paphos by quad bike

The city of Paphos is located in the southwest of the island nation of Cyprus. For all tourists interested in history and history, Paphos is hard to beat. But also the nature around Paphos is worth a trip. You can go to the mystical birthplace of Aphrodite by quad bike or take a tour into the mountains. If you prefer to drive in a group, book a quad tour and discover Akamas Gorge, Andonis Waterfalls, Bath of Aphrodite, Lara Beach, Blue Lagoon and much more on an exciting safari. 

Cost of a quad bike rental in Paphos

Depending on the season, you will have to invest around 60 euros per day. Of course, as everywhere in Cyprus, you are allowed to use your negotiating skills. Nevertheless, almost everywhere you will pay 60 euros per day for a 300cc or a 350cc quad. If you are looking for a more powerful quad of 400cc and 450cc, you will pay around 70 euros per day. If you want to join a safari, plan on paying about 60 euros for 3 hours.

a quad standing on the beach in front of palm trees

Rent a quad bike in Ayia Napa, the party town on the east coast of Cyprus

While you spend your evenings in bars and nightclubs, during the day you can explore the beauty of the region on a quad bike. Ayia Napa and the coastal region around are lined with beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. Determine the speed and explore on a quad tour the nature reserve, Konnos Bay, Blue Lagoon, Makronissos Beach, Nissi Beach or the Sea Caves.

Cost of a quad bike rental in Ayia Napa

Quad biking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Ayia Napa. Even if you have to wear a helmet in high summer temperatures, it doesn't detract from the fascination of quad driving. Enjoy the feeling of freedom during an excursion in the surroundings. For a quad with 50cc you pay in Ayia Napa around 40 euros per day in the low season. In the high season the price is between 45 and 50 Euro per day. 

If you prefer offroad, you should prefer a quad with 200cc and 300cc. Depending on the provider, you will pay 50 euros for a 200cc quad and about 65 euros per day for a 300cc quad.

Quad bike rental in Limassol, the second largest city in Cyprus

Limassol is the second largest city and is already quite lively at rush hour. If you have never driven a quad before, let alone in left-hand traffic, you might be better off joining a guided quad safari. You will also find many very beautiful beaches in the Limassol region. They are said to be the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Limassol itself has many cultural and historical sights, so you can have a look into the interesting but turbulent past of the city.

What is there to discover in and around Limassol by quad bike?


West of Limassol, a 20-minute quad ride will take you to ancient Kourion, one of the most incredible historical sites in all of Cyprus. A World Heritage Site, Kourion is the former home of an important city-state. This place was settled by Greek travelers in the 12th century BC. Kourion was so important that it was even mentioned in the writings of Pliny the Elder and Ptolemy. 

Ladies Mile Beach:

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Either set off on your own with your quad to Ladies Mile Beach or join a guided tour. Before you reach the 8 km long pebble and sand beach, you can marvel at the endless expanses of the salt lake. If you are lucky, you will spot the flamingos wintering in Cyprus. At the beach restaurant of Ladies Mile Beach you can take a break and fortify yourself before you start your way back. 

Cost of a quad bike rental in Limassol

The cost of a simple quad is about 60 euros per day. Depending on the performance, the price goes up to about 100 euros per day. If you want to rent a quad over several days, just ask for a possible discount. If you do not want to miss any sights, ask for a guided quad safari.

Quad bike rental in Larnaca, only 20 minutes away from the most famous airport in Cyprus

You have the possibility to book quad tours or you go exploring on your own. On excursions around the villages, Xylotymbou, Pyla, Troulli and Oroklini you will always have a beautiful view of the coastal landscape and the sea. Of course you can also discover Larnaka as a city and stop for a break in one of the many restaurants or cafes. Just ask the quad rental company, should you not know what not to miss in any case.

Apart from the rental fee, what other costs do you incur when renting a quad bike in Cyprus?

In addition to renting a quad, you also need to make sure you have enough fuel. If you have problems with your quad or an accident, you may have to pay pick-up or rescue fees. The rental company will inform you exactly where and how you are allowed to drive the quad. As a deposit, most quad rentals require a fee of 200 euros per person. Even if the liability insurance is included in the rental price, they have to pay for traffic fines themselves. If you rent a quad for 24 h, you should return it in time, otherwise additional fees could be charged. 

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