Rent a boat Cyprus - How and where do I get the best deals?

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Be your own captain. Do you love the bright blue sea, the wind in your hair and breathtaking sunsets, then Cyprus is the best place to rent a boat. Discover the many luxurious beaches once from the sea side. In order to be safe as a recreational captain in Cyprus, you should know in advance exactly what to expect and what is required to be able to rent a boat.

What you need to know before you rent a boat in Cyprus

If you want to be your own captain and get behind the wheel of a boat, you should be aware that your safety and that of your companions is paramount. In order to rent a boat at all, you must be over the age of 18. If the boat you want to rent is less than 10 meters long, your driver's license is sufficient to drive the boat.

You also need some courage if you want to rent a boat in Cyprus. Before you set off, you will receive extensive instructions that you should take to heart. Also a safety briefing is part of it, because only then you will have fun, enjoy the swim in the sea, a picnic on board or the view of the breathtaking coastal landscape.

man driving on the sea with a motor boat

Depending on the boat rental company, you can book a boat for half a day or for a whole day. If you want to book a boat only for 2 to 3 hours, just ask. Supply and demand determine how far the boat rental company can accommodate you. Some boat rental companies also rent out their boats by the hour, whereby the price for this starts at around 70 euros and can cost up to 500 euros for a day's rental, depending on the boat. 

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What about fuel consumption?

As a rule, you pay for the fuel that you use. You are handed the boat with a full tank and when you return, the tank is filled and the fuel consumption is charged. A boat requires more fuel if you want to do water sports and do some trailing. As with a car, your driving style also has an impact on fuel consumption.  

Do you need to be specially insured to rent a boat in Cyprus?

With the boat rental you are insured. However, you must deposit your credit or debit card for a possible deductible. The account will be debited only if damage occurs.

What other costs you can expect when you rent a boat in Cyprus

If you book online, you will sometimes be asked to pay a deposit. The deposit will later be applied to the total price. Additional costs may also arise if the boat rental company provides you with water sports equipment.

About boating on Cyprus coasts

On your own little "Mediterranean cruise" you can stop at some of the most beautiful beaches, on the south coast, visit a restaurant or just lie in the sand. In this way you will also reach beaches that are deserted, so you will feel like an explorer or like Robinson Crusoe. 

Since the sea around Cyprus is the saltiest and warmest in the Mediterranean, be sure to bring your snorkeling gear. Discover shipwrecks, corals and sea creatures that more or less show themselves. Dive into the silence under water and experience a very special underwater world.

By boat to the rock of Aphrodite

Depending on where you rent a boat, you should visit the alleged birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. At this rock, according to legend, the goddess emerged from the sea. Even today, the rock becomes a pilgrimage site for couples in love on full moon nights. The legend says that whoever swims around the rock three times will be granted eternal love. The rock of Aphrodite is located below the connecting road from Paphos to Limassol.

Another name for this rock is "Petra tou Romiou", which means "Rock of the Roman"

Petra tou Romiou

From Ayia Napa by boat to Cape Greco

Unlike with a quad bike or car, you will get to know the national park from the water side. You will be thrilled by the crystal clear water and also the limestone cliffs offer a spectacular sight. You will discover countless underwater caves, which you can visit more closely during a snorkeling tour.

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cliffs near ayia napa in cyprus

Boat rentals in the south of Cyprus

What else the south coast of Cyprus has to offer when you travel by boat

You will be able to admire the diverse site on the south coast from the water side. Beaches line up like strings of pearls, interrupted by beautiful rock formations and green slopes. 

If you rent a boat in the fishing village of Latchi, visit the Blue Lagoon. You will keep the view of the surrounding mountains and the turquoise waters as lasting memories in your heart. Drift, dive and enjoy a picnic on board your own boat.

What weather to expect when you rent a boat in Cyprus

Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate, the sun shines on about 340 days a year in Cyprus. Even in December and January you can still enjoy up to 6 hours of sun per day. Summer here, which begins almost in May and ends in mid-October, is hot and dry, with almost exclusively cloudless skies. In summer, the wind blows lightly from the SW and turns to the west during the afternoon. In the early and late season, north/northeast winds are quite possible. Nights are mostly calm in summer, with strong easterly winds or gales from the south and east in winter

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