Food & Drink in Cyprus - Specialties of Mediterranean Cuisine

Cypriot cuisine is characterized by a variety of different cultures. Turkish, oriental and British influences have left their mark on Cypriot eating habits to this day. Often there is the well-known moussaka as well as dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice) and also kebabs, which here are more commonly called souvlaki - usually lamb, accompanied by country salad with feta cheese. Chicken and omelets are also very popular dishes in Cyprus, while fish dishes are rather rare and reduced to a few species of fish. As a friend of sweets, you can look forward to baklava (thin layer of dough filled with nuts and dipped in honey) or loukoumades (the deep-fried pastry ball with honey). Not to be forgotten is the traditional Cypriot cheese, called "Halloumi" - This is characterized mainly by the fact that it does not melt under heat and squeaks between the teeth when eaten.

Cypriot food specialties

  • Afélia - marinated pork roasted in red wine
  • Chirométri - cured goat meat
  • Choratiki saláta - peasant salad with olives and feta cheese
  • Dolmádes - vine leaves stuffed with rice and minced meat
  • Halloumi - Cypriot sheep and goat cheese
  • Humús - puree of chickpeas, garlic and oil
  • Kléftiko - lamb or kid baked in clay oven
  • Kúpes - dough balls made of coarsely ground wheat, stuffed with minced pork and onions
  • Lúndsa - smoked pork
  • Paidákia - lamb chops
  • Scheftaliá - grilled sausages made of minced pork in lamb belly skin
  • Seftaliés - minced meat grilled in pork net
  • Stifádo - pork, beef or rabbit goulash in specially seasoned tomato sauce
  • Súvla - large grilled spit
  • Suvláki - grilled skewer
  • Tachini - popular appetizer: sauce made of sesame seeds, oil, garlic and lemon
  • Taramosaláta - red puree of fish roe and potato puree

Popular Drinks in Cyprus

  • Five Kings - Cypriot brandy
  • Filfar - bitter orange liqueur
  • Commandaria - desert wine
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