Understanding Gesy - The General Healthcare System of Cyprus

Information About Cyprus | Updated: 30. May 2023

As you navigate through the healthcare landscape of Cyprus, you may come across a system known as Gesy.

But what is Gesy?

This article will shed light on this comprehensive healthcare scheme, from its inception to its current state and future prospects. Get ready to dive into the world of Cyprus's General Healthcare System.

A Brief Overview of Gesy

The story of Gesy begins with the inception of a new healthcare model in Cyprus. Born out of a need for a comprehensive and inclusive health system, Gesy or the General Healthcare System of Cyprus, was designed to cover the health needs of all residents.

The Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) plays a vital role in its operation, overseeing the funding and administration of the scheme.

Gesy is known for its wide coverage, spanning various healthcare services, which include:

  • primary care
  • specialist treatments
  • hospital care
  • pharmacy services

Gesy has a broad scope that aims to cater to diverse health needs.

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This extensive coverage is visually represented in an infographic that breaks down the services covered by Gesy, helping beneficiaries understand what they can avail of under this system.

GESY, the general healthcare system of Cyprus.

Understanding the Financial Aspects of Gesy

The financing of Gesy is built on a contribution model, where different stakeholders contribute to the funding of the system.

This includes:

  • employees,
  • employers,
  • the state,
  • and self-employed individuals.

The distribution of financial contributions among these parties is represented in a pie chart, illustrating the share of each group in funding Gesy.

Co-payments in Gesy

Another financial aspect of Gesy is its co-payment system. Under this system, patients are required to make a small contribution towards the cost of their healthcare services.

However, there is a ceiling to protect patients from excessive expenses, and special provisions are in place for low-pension earners to ensure that healthcare remains affordable for all.

Gesy in the Past Years: Achievements and Challenges

Looking back at 2022, Gesy has achieved numerous milestones. From the expansion of its service coverage to an increase in beneficiaries, the year was marked by notable progress.

The Health Insurance Organisation's 2022 report offers a comprehensive overview of these achievements, with key statistics highlighting the growth and impact of Gesy.

However, the journey was not without challenges. The healthcare system faced significant hurdles amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Gesy was quick to respond, adapting its services and operations to navigate these testing times and ensure continuous healthcare provision.

Reforms in Gesy

In its continuous pursuit of better healthcare, Gesy introduced several reforms. One significant change was the introduction of a quality-based payment system for General Practitioners (GPs).

This reform aimed to improve healthcare quality by incentivizing GPs based on the standard of care they provide.

Another reform focused on referrals and on-call services. Changes in these areas were made to improve patient care, providing more accessibility and efficiency in availing healthcare services.

An illustration of the new on-call services system provides a visual understanding of this reform.

Looking Ahead: Future Prospects and Plans for Gesy

The future of Gesy looks promising, with plans for significant upgrades on the horizon. A €74 million upgrade plan is set to enhance the system further, with the Health Minister Popi Kanari shedding light on how these funds will be used to improve Gesy.

There is also a growing emphasis on digital technology in Gesy. The system plans to incorporate more technology into its services, harnessing the power of digital tools to enhance healthcare delivery and accessibility.

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From telemedicine to digital health records, the future of Gesy is digital.

Moreover, Gesy is taking measures to increase its preparedness, resilience, and quality of services. This involves strategic planning and innovations aimed at enhancing the system's capacity to respond to health emergencies, improving service quality, and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Conclusion: Gesy – A Stepping Stone Towards a Healthier Cyprus

Reflecting on the journey of Gesy, it's clear that it has significantly impacted the healthcare landscape of Cyprus. With its comprehensive coverage, inclusive model, and continuous efforts for improvement, Gesy has been a stepping stone towards a healthier Cyprus.

As we look towards the future, Gesy has the potential to further improve health outcomes in Cyprus.

With its upcoming upgrades and emphasis on digital technology, the system is set to become even more efficient and accessible, paving the way for enhanced health and wellbeing for the residents of Cyprus.

In the grand scheme of things, Gesy is not just a healthcare system; it's a cornerstone for a healthier, happier Cyprus.

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