Buy a car in Cyprus - A guide to prevent unwanted surprises

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If you would like to be free of all public transportation and buy a car in Cyprus, be sure to study the following information carefully to avoid a rude awakening. 

New or used car?

Whether you are more inclined towards a new or used car is up to you and your wallet. If you buy a used car in Cyprus, it is definitely a matter of trust. The service check familiar from Germany is not carried out regularly on most cars. In addition, shock absorbers and tires often suffer due to the poor road conditions. It is not uncommon for people to discover significant defects after buying a used car. They have no choice but to look for a used car dealer who will gain their trust. If you buy a car from a private person, you will not receive any warranty services. 

Unfortunately, in Cyprus it is also not uncommon for the mileage to be somewhat modified on one car or another. Also hidden defects are often concealed.

Buy car from private people in Cyprus

If you have been living in Cyprus for a long time, you will certainly have made some contacts. Contacts are simply part of life in Cyprus. At best, you should already have a garage on hand that will help you check out a used car. It is better to pay a little money here than to be faced with large and costly repairs later. 


Where can you find offers for used cars?

The platforms managed in two languages, and are, along with Facebook Marketplace, the best sources in Cyprus to find a used car.

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Car search on Bazaraki

How much does a car cost in Cyprus?

Compared to other countries the purchase prices for cars in Cyprus are often higher. Since most cars have to be imported first and import duties are relatively high, it is understandable that prices go up. The exact duties are based on engine capacity, CO2 emissions, mileage and the age of the car. How exactly the cubic capacity is calculated, we explain in the following table:

DisplacementCost per cc
0 cc - 1650 cc0,51 Euro
1651 cc - 2250 cc3,42 Euro
2251 cc - 3000 cc5,98 Euro
mehr als 3000 cc7,69 Euro

From this table you can see that importing a car with more than 1650 cc engine capacity is more expensive than importing, for example, a car with a 1.6l engine. 

What are the running costs when you buy a car in Cyprus?

The applicable taxes, called Road-Tax here in Cyprus, are based on the respective engine capacity of the vehicle. Again, we have a table for you to better understand:

DisplacementYearly Taxes
Up to 1450 cc10,00 to 62,00 Euro
Up to 1650 cc87,00 to 99,00 Euro
Up to 2050 cc198,00 to 246,00 Euro
Up to 2250 cc297,00 to 326,00 Euro
Up to 2650 cc443,00 to 521,00 Euro +

What TÜV is in other countries, MOT is in Cyprus

In Cyprus, all cars older than 4 years must undergo an inspection known as MOT. The emissions, suspension, steering, brakes, lights and tires are checked. To do this, your car is connected to a computer which takes about 45 minutes to check all the data. Every 2 years this test must be repeated. Only after passing the test, you can register your car. As a rule, car owners should make sure that the service is performed routinely. The cost of a TÜV inspection is 35 euros as of 2020.

Cyprus car insurance

Even for older vehicles, it is customary in Cyprus to take out comprehensive insurance. If you want to bring the percentages of your car insurance from other countries, you need a copy of your contract in English translation. You will then also be classified lower with most insurance companies. This is mainly about the no-claims bonus. You have another advantage if you have an English driver's license (here the experience in left-hand traffic speaks for you). If you drive accident-free, the amount is often reduced after the first year. 

Insurance for the car is required by law in Cyprus

Buying a car at a car dealership

There are many differences in car dealerships in Cyprus, as there is almost everything from brand representatives with new cars to car dealerships that sometimes take some getting used to. You should expect to be offered a used car that is not cleaned, nor to be given information that justifies the price. If you set out to find a car on your own, you should visit and compare several car dealers or car dealerships for your own learning process. 


Buy cars as import?

You also have the option of using an agency to import a car from the UK or from Japan. Japanese cars are among the most well-kept cars and not only because there are great roads in Japan. You can find more information on the following pages:

Does it make sense to import a car from England?

  • Until now, car prices in England were cheaper than those in Cyprus. Now, after the BREXIT, you have to include VAT. However, you can easily avoid this by buying a UK vehicle with VAT shown.  
  • As a rule, you have a much wider choice of vehicles in England. 
  • Since the service readiness in England is greater than in Cyprus, the qualities of English vehicles are usually higher.
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