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Travel Tips | Updated: 29. Jan 2023

Experiencing Cyprus by car is already worth a trip, but riding a motorcycle across the island is a very special experience that you should not miss. Where you can rent a motorcycle and what you should know about motorcycling in Cyprus, you will find out if you include the following information in your planning. 

A motorcycle standing in the free nature of Cyprus

What are the requirements to rent a motorcycle in Cyprus?

  • If you have booked online in advance, you will need the booking receipt to show that you have paid for the reservation.
  • Credit card with enough credit to make a deposit.
  • Valid driver's license, suitable for the category of rental motorcycle.
  • Identity card or passport to confirm your identity.

About motorcycling in Cyprus

What better way to explore Cyprus than on a motorcycle? A road trip through Cyprus is a special experience that will leave you with a lasting impression. If you don't like to travel alone, you should join a guided tour to explore the most beautiful places in Cyprus together. Either rent a motorcycle for 24h or for a week or more. 

Start your motorcycle tour in the southeast of the island, for example in Ayia Napa. There you first explore the beaches like Makronissos Beach, Nissi Beach and Landa Beach. Via Cape Greco you will continue to Larnaca, where you can take a break at Finikoudes. The palm-fringed Finikoudes is equipped with restaurants, cafes and stores, so that your physical well-being is taken care of. Just off Finikoudes you will also find the marina and Larnaka Castle. 

Continue along the beach to the famous Salt Lake, with the Sultan Tekke Mosque. If you come at the right time of the year, you can photograph thousands of flamingos that spend the winter here at the salt lake. In summer, the salt lake is largely dried up and is replaced by a glittering salt desert. Thus, every season makes the Salt Lake an extraordinary body of water.

A flamingo at the salt lake of larnaca sticks its head into the ground

Of course, you can't miss Limassol on your tour of the island. Limassol is definitely a cool place for a tour by motorcycle. Discover villas, the marina with the super yachts and let this view work on you with a coffee or a meal. Strengthen yourself in one of the many restaurants. You get classic Cypriot and international cuisine. Also lovers of fast food get their money's worth here. Do you value quality in food, just pay attention to the number of visitors. Where you discover many locals, the food is usually highly recommended. 

If you are traveling by motorcycle on the highway towards Paphos, look for the sign Petra tou Romiou. Hardly any visitor to Cyprus misses taking a photo there at the Rock of Aphrodite. According to legend, Aphrodite rose from the sea at this spot. Whether you swim around the rock three times to experience eternal happiness is up to you. Depending on your taste, Paphos offers sightseeing, such as the Royal Tombs or the Paphos Zoo.

Arriving in the southeast of the island, in Latchi, you will have the opportunity to make an excursion to the Blue Lagoon. You will not be able to tear your gaze away. The turquoise water, the surrounding nature, hardly any part of Cyprus is as impressive as the Akamas peninsula in front of you.

Troodos mountains with streets and a car

Discover the Troodos Mountains with the villages of Agros, Kakopetria, Omodos and Platres. A visit to the monastery of Kykkos is also worthwhile. On your way through the mountains you will come across winding roads that intertwine while you are surrounded by wild cliffs and green forests. Don't miss the various waterfalls, rivers and dams that are definitely worth a detour. Let yourself drift and make your tour an unforgettable experience. 

By motorcycle along the wine road of Commandaria

Take a trip back in time by motorcycle and discover the secrets of the oldest and most famous wine in Cyprus. Here we are talking about the world famous and praised sweet dessert wine of Commandaria. 

There are four wineries on the route, and you can't miss a visit to the restored wine press of Laneia. This press has been maintained for centuries. Also worth seeing is the medieval castle of Kolossi, also called "La Grade Commanderie".

The villages on this wine route are all located at an altitude of 500 to 900 meters. The surrounding landscape impresses with vineyards, bushy wild growth and sparse forests. Following the historical route, you will pass Limassol, Kolossi, Erimi, Monagri, Agios Georgios, Silikou, Doros, Leneia, Trimilkini, Agios Mamas, Kapileio, Zoopigi, Kalo Chorio, Agios Pavlos, Agios Konstantinos, Louvaras, Gerasa and Apsiou.

Motorcyclists driving on a street in the mountains

Rent a motorcycle in Cyprus for hours, days or weeks

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