Golf in Cyprus - The Best Golf Courses & Resorts

Golfing in Cyprus has become a popular sport for tourists and locals in recent years. The island offers a variety of excellent golf courses that are perfect for players of all levels. The mild climate in Cyprus and the spectacular scenery make golfing a truly unique experience.

The best golf courses in Cyprus

There are numerous golf courses in Cyprus that are perfect for players of all levels. Some of the most famous and popular golf courses on the island are:

  • The Aphrodite Hills Golf Course: designed by Cabell Robinson, this golf course offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Troodos Mountains. The course is very challenging and is particularly suitable for advanced players.
  • The Minthis Hills Golf Course: This golf course was designed by John Harris and offers a beautiful view of the Troodos Mountains and the sea. The course is suitable for players of all levels and offers a variety of challenges.
  • The Secret Valley Golf Course: This golf course was designed by David Jones and offers breathtaking views of the sea and the mountains. It is located near "Petra tou Romiou".

Golf Resorts in Cyprus

There are numerous golf resorts in Cyprus that are perfect for golfers. Some of the most famous golf resorts on the island are:

  • Aphrodite Hills Resort: located near the Aphrodite Hills Golf Course, this resort offers luxury accommodations and facilities. It is the perfect place for golfers who want to relax in comfortable luxury.
  • The Minthis Hills Resort: This resort is located not far from the Minthis Hills Golf Course and has outstanding spa amenities. The ideal mix of golf, relaxation & wellness.

Other activities in Cyprus

Besides golfing, there are many other activities and sights to visit in Cyprus during a golf vacation. Some of the most popular activities on the island are:

  • Hiking: Cyprus is known for its breathtaking scenery and the Troodos Mountains offer some of the best hiking routes on the island.
  • Beach Visits: Cyprus has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean and it is well worth spending a day on the beach enjoying the crystal clear waters.
  • City Sightseeing: The capital city of Nicosia is an interesting destination for sightseeing and offers many historical sites and museums. The cities of Limassol and Paphos are also worth a visit.
  • Culture and History: Cyprus has a long and rich history and there are many interesting archaeological sites and museums to visit. The island is also known for its traditional villages and markets, which offer a glimpse into the culture and life of the locals.

Overall, Cyprus offers a variety of golf courses and golf resorts that are perfect for golfers of all levels. The island is also an ideal place for those who want to enjoy other activities and sights besides golf. Thus, a golf vacation in Cyprus is a great way to relax and make the most of sports and leisure.

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