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Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of touring Cyprus in a camper. Spend the days and nights in places that are out of the way and provide relaxation. Instead of opening the room door of a hotel and standing in the hallway, when you open the door in a camper you are standing right in the open air. It is still one of the rather rare opportunities to explore Cyprus by camper and also the offers to campers are rather manageable. So that you can enjoy this rare form of vacation in Cyprus, you should absolutely consider some points. In the following text you will get all the information you need to know when traveling with a camper. 

Where can you rent a camper van in Cyprus?

GMC Motors LTD in Peyia near Paphos accepts online bookings. The exact address is:

Equipped camper here with a sink, 2-burner stove, ample storage space, a refrigerator and a bench that converts into a bed for 2 people. A hydraulic roof grants you a standing room and the easier work on the mobile stove. 

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Travel seasons for the next camper vacation in Cyprus

Spring: March to May is a great time for a camper tour in Cyprus. The weather is mild and warm, the wildflowers are in bloom, the island is green and the crowds are few.  

Summer: You will have the hottest days in Cyprus from June to September. While it is hot near the beach and you can find cooling in the sea, you will have more pleasant temperatures in the mountains.

Autumn: Even from September to November, the weather is still warm and suitable for many excursions. 

Winter: At the end of the year, until March, the temperatures are partly still warm, but you have to expect rain showers again and again. At the end of January the ski season begins.

With the camper on Cyprus roads

A camper van standing on a camping spot

The roads in Cyprus are generally quite good, especially on the main routes in and around the resorts. On secondary roads, the roads can sometimes be damaged, so you should always exercise some caution when driving. As the historic city centers such as Limassol, Larnaca, Nicosia and Paphos are quite narrow, you should only drive where the road width allows. 

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Camping spots for your camper

There is no shortage of good places in Cyprus. However, you should prefer camping near the sea in the months of October to April, as it is simply too cold in the mountains. Possible free campsites you can find in the low season in:

  • Cape Greco area
  • Ayia Napa area
  • Fig Tree Bay in Protaras
  • Ladies Mile Beach at Limassol
  • Curium Beach near Episkopi
  • Aphrodite's Rock area
  • Pissouri Bay near Cape Aspro
  • Yeroskipou Tourist Beach (Lund Park)
  • Lara Bay (pay attention to road conditions)
  • Lachi area (port)
  • Potomac Point (Signposted fishing lodge)

Conclusion: Traveling by camper in Cyprus is a great alternative to fixed locations

As you must realize, the possibility to rent a camper in Cyprus is rather low. Should you still plan a camper vacation, you should book accordingly early. An alternative would be to rent a larger car like a VW T5, a Multivan or similar. You can spend the night in a tent and prepare your food on a gas stove. You will definitely not starve in Cyprus. If this way of traveling is suitable for you, you only need to plan for what you don't want to do without, apart from your tent and a few sleeping bags.

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