Flora & Fauna of Cyprus - More than Orchids

Cyprus is a green island and is one of the most forested in the entire Mediterranean. In the Troodos Mountains grow mainly Alepo pines, stone pines, plane trees, cedars and oaks. The edges of the mountains are covered with apple, pear, peach, almond and nut trees. Otherwise, in Cyprus you will find mainly olive, cypress and carob trees.

Around Lemesos, orange and grapefruit trees grow predominantly. The southeast is considered the land of red earth and is therefore used for vegetable growing. Figs and pomegranates grow in the northwest and there are huge banana plantations in the south of Cyprus.

In spring, the island blossoms and is covered by a large carpet of flowers. Almost 2000 flowers and over 50 orchids cover the island.
Cyprus is home to over 300 species of birds, mainly for wintering, as well as the flamingos that inhabit the salt lake of Larnaca in winter. Famous for the island is the mouflon, a shy mountain sheep.

a lizard between stones
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