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In the Krasochoria region, north of Limassol and south of the Troodos Mountains are the so-called wine villages of Cyprus. The inhabitants living here live from winegrowing and still cultivate their slopes in the old traditional way. Here, among other things, the famous Cypriot red wine and other wine specialties are grown. You can reach these villages via the road from Lemesos - Pafos or via Lemesos - Platres.

Village Koilani

The first village is Koilani. The main attraction of the village is a single-nave, domed church of Agia Mavri from the 12th century just outside the picturesque hamlet.
Within the village is the Wine Museum in a traditional country house. In front of the museum is a large still for making the local liquor, zivania.

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omodos village from a nearby hill

Village of Omodos

About 11 km southwest of Platres lies the wine-growing village of Omodos, at the foot of the Troodos Mountains in the midst of vineyards, overlooked by a monastery in the village square. Not far from the monastery you can visit the small restored wine press Linos.

Village of Aros

One of the largest wine villages is Arsos, between Lemesos and Pafos. Since ancient times, the inhabitants of the village have been engaged in winemaking. Today most of them produce their own wines.

Village of Vasa

Some of the best red wines in Cyprus come from this winemaking village, which is known for its stone-paved roads and traditional homes.

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The best way to explore the wine roads of Cyprus, with its vineyards and picturesque mountain villages, is on a walking tour or a bike ride. Visit the local wineries, taste local delicacies and take in the traditional handicrafts.

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