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EAC Payment - Paying the electricity bill in Cyprus

The topic of electricity is also becoming more and more important in Cyprus. Here, just like in any other country in Europe, there has been a price increase recently. So that there is no rude awakening and how and where you can pay your electricity bill, we explain in the following paragraphs. Registering and paying […]

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How to register a company in Cyprus

If you are looking to register a company in Cyprus, here is a comprehensive guide that will certainly assist you. Of course, all countries have their own way of doing things, and Cyprus is no different. However, the country benefits from EU standards, and registering a business in Cyprus is a relatively straightforward process as […]

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Buying A Property in Cyprus - The Complete Guide to Real Estate

Overview of the real estate market in Cyprus Cyprus is an island paradise in the Mediterranean Sea, 200 miles to the west of Syria and 100 miles south of Turkey. It is a highly sought-after destination with stunning scenery, ancient ruins, and beautiful beaches. There is an abundance of villas, houses, and apartments for sale, […]

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Is Cyprus a tax haven in Europe?

For some years now, Cyprus has repeatedly appeared in the media as a "tax haven in Europe". In recent years, the island in the eastern Mediterranean has become an important location for international companies, which benefit from the low tax rates and other advantages. Why Cyprus is repeatedly traded as a European tax haven The […]

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