Green Line - Buffer Zone between South and North Cyprus

Cyprus has been divided since 1974. The internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus exercises actual control only in the southern part of the island, but not in the northern part, which is separated from the southern part by a 217-kilometer demarcation line, also called the "Green Line," and is recognized exclusively by Turkey as an independent state ("Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus"). The city of Nicosia has been divided since 1964.

The Republic of Cyprus has been a member of the EU since May 1, 2004. UN units continue to control the buffer zone between the north and the south, which is a restricted military area. However, it poses no danger to tourists. Caution is advised when approaching the buffer zone, and there is a warning not to cross the seaward extension of the demarcation line by swimming or by boat. Please also note the prohibition of photography near military installations throughout the island.

More important information about entering the northern part of Cyprus and entering the southern part from the northern part can be found here.

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