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Cyprus is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, after Sicily and Sardinia it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. It consists of the Greek southern part and the small Turkish part in the north. Cyprus captivates with its unique landscape - olive trees and wonderful white beaches let the visitor hearts beat faster.

The divided island impresses its vacationers with dreamlike beaches, culinary specialties, fascinating landscapes and a large number of worth seeing historical buildings. The Greek side of Cyprus has many hotels for demanding vacationers. The numerous churches, monasteries, castles and ruins can be explored by car or on foot. Also the settlements, which are still from the stone age, should visit vacationers in any case.

Somewhat quieter, but just as worth seeing as the south, is the northern part of the island. Tourism is much less pronounced here. Even if this means that the north is visited less by foreign guests, this is precisely the reason why the north is a kind of insider tip among those who want to be far away from tourism. Thus, the north offers mainly cultural advantages, such as many monasteries, castles, but also the small villages there are worth a visit. Those who reside in Northern Cyprus should not miss the harbor town of Kerýneia (Girne). It enchants every visitor with its picturesque face.

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Also Larnaka should not be forgotten during your vacation. This historical and culturally very interesting city has become more and more popular and well-known as a tourist destination in the last few years, because the infrastructure here is very well developed and the beaches invite you to an eventful and relaxing bathing day. The international airport is also located here. There is also a marina and another smaller port, where you can also moor your own boat. In any case, Cyprus is a destination that you should discover once. After all, almost everyone who has been to Cyprus so far has raved about the magic of the island - so you should simply get to know it for yourself during a vacation.

The capital Nicosia is well worth a visit. It is separated by the Green Line, making it the world's last divided city. The people of the Turks and the Greeks each live in their own parts of the city. Thus, there are no trade relations between the two countries. Even though there are political discrepancies between the two peoples, Nicosia welcomes its visitors with all friendliness and offers visitors a lot more besides extensive shopping tours. Cyprus is also a great vacation destination for the sporty vacationers. Thus, the island offers numerous sports activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, or even horseback riding in the beautiful expanses of nature. A highlight for many sports enthusiasts is also the Tróodos Mountains. On the Olympos in the mountains you can even go skiing.

Last but not least, the varied cuisine of the island should be mentioned. The cuisine is inspired by Greek and Turkish influences and thus results in a unique culinary experience. So there are spices to discover in a new way and new taste buds to explore.

General Information

In the Mediterranean Sea lies the island of Cyprus and has just under 800,000 inhabitants. Cyprus is divided into a Turkish and a Greek part.

Highlights of Cyprus

The city of Laranka is always worth a visit. Here exist many dreamlike sandy bays, which are also suitable for families with children. On the coast of Agia Napa there are probably the most beautiful stretches of beach that can be visited. The water temperatures are very pleasant with almost 22 degrees in winter. Different water sports can be practiced here. The island can be explored with a small cruise from the sea. Cyprus can be hiked and those who like can also try mountaineering.


Every diver dreams of exploring the underwater world in the Mediterranean Sea. Visibility here is between 30 and 40 meters and the water is very warm. Beginners can admire stone ridges on the seabed and advanced divers can dare to dive to the archaeological sites underwater. The equipment is provided by the diving schools, which also offer courses.

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Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus is always worth a visit. Here there are countless sights that can be marveled at. But also the other bigger cities like Limassol and Larnaca are worth a trip. Agia Napa has many extensive sandy beaches, which are not only visited by tourists. Even in winter, water temperatures of almost 23 degrees are pleasant and the beaches are made of soft sand and have a shallow slope. Here you can try various water sports, such as motor boating, surfing or water skiing. In the northeast is Famagusta, which has a beautiful old town. Very close to the city excavation sites can be visited.

Climate and best time to visit

The climate in Cyprus is Mediterranean and is in the warmest areas in the Mediterranean. In the winter months there is a lot of snow in the Troodes Mountains, so there are many winter resorts here. You can find near the town of Troodos a huge popular ski resort, which is located directly in the Troodos Mountains. Here you can ski and snowboard in the winter months or go hiking, jogging or mountain biking in the summer. In the summer months it is usually hot and there is hardly any rain. At this time, especially a beach vacation is suitable, because on the coast always a light wind blows and it is not too hot. Between October and April Cyprus shows its varied side.

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