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Unlocking the Benefits of Non-Domicile Status in Cyprus

Are you looking to take advantage of Cyprus' favorable tax system? In this article, we will discuss the benefits of non-domicile status in Cyprus and guide you through the process of obtaining it. Understanding Non-Domicile Status and the Cyprus Tax System Non-domicile status in Cyprus is a special tax status granted to individuals who are […]

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Road Tax in Cyprus – Rates, Exemptions, and Payment Methods

If you're planning to drive a car while residing in Cyprus, one of the important things to consider is road tax. Road tax, also known as vehicle excise duty, is a tax levied by the government on all vehicles using the public roads. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about […]

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How to Find Jobs in Cyprus as an Expat - Tips & Resources

Finding a job in Cyprus can be a great way to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle, while advancing your career. With its growing economy and diverse job market, Cyprus offers opportunities in a range of industries, including finance, tourism, and technology. In this blog post, we will explore some tips and resources to find jobs in […]

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Car Insurance Cyprus – Key Information For Residents & Tourists

Car insurance in Cyprus is a crucial investment for all drivers, providing coverage for damages incurred to your vehicle and third-party property or injuries. It is a legal requirement in the country and offers peace of mind when you are on the road. With a variety of car insurance policies available, it can be challenging […]

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Shipping a Car to Cyprus – A Guide for UK and US Residents

Cyprus is a popular destination for both tourists and expats, and many people choose to bring their personal vehicles with them. Whether you are a resident in the UK or the USA, shipping your car to Cyprus is a straightforward process, as long as you know what to expect. In this guide, we will provide […]

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Escape To Paradise – The Ultimate Guide to Retiring in Cyprus

Cyprus is without question one of the most scenically beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It sits to the East of the Med, close to Turkey to the North and Syria to the East. It is at the crossroads of three continents; Europe, Asia and Africa. Those who are lucky enough to have made the […]

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Moving To Cyprus – Everything You Need To Know

Before moving to Cyprus, it's worth thinking about the country's most incredible history. People have lived here since the Stone Age. It was formally settled as long as 3,000 years ago. Originally it was settled in what was known as the Ten Kingdoms. These were; Amathus, Chytri, Idalium, Kition, Kourion, Ledra, Pathos, Salamis, Soli, and […]

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Cyprus Residency – An Expert Guide To Relocation

Cyprus is a scenically beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, close to Turkey to the north and Syria to the west, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Those with Cyprus residency enjoy an excellent standard of living and a lifestyle that is the envy of much of Europe.  Since 1974 the island has […]

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Buy a car in Cyprus - A guide to prevent unwanted surprises

If you would like to be free of all public transportation and buy a car in Cyprus, be sure to study the following information carefully to avoid a rude awakening.  New or used car? Whether you are more inclined towards a new or used car is up to you and your wallet. If you buy […]

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Taxes in Cyprus - A full guide to taxation

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island nation located in the Eastern part of the European Union. It has a well-developed economy and is a popular destination for expats and tourists. The country has a favorable tax system that attracts many foreign investors and entrepreneurs.  In this article, we will explore the various aspects of the Cyprus […]

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